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Hello and Welcome to SoftSolo, the #1 Web Based Software technology lookup tool on the market.

At SoftSolo, our main goal is to help you find out what websites are built with WordPress & other and show you the technology they are using such as Web hosting, themes, and plugin etc…

Why SoftSolo ? (Our Story)

At SoftSolo, we would often get asked about whether specific sites are using WordPress & Other Cms? Or which plugin they’re using to accomplish specific tasks.

Most of the information that you would normally find by looking up the source code of the website which is not easy for beginners at all.

So I thought it’d be a good idea to build a tool that can help users find all those details.

I started looking around the Web ecosystem and discovered a tool in its infancy called softsolo.

I acquired the tool and added additional functionality that I knew people in the WordPress & Software community would appreciate.

Now SoftSolo is run by an independent editorial team that reviews themes, plugins, Web Templates, Web Script & Many More create comparisons, how-to guides, and more.

We’re also working on adding more useful tools for our audience.

Thank You 😊

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Get A Free Appointment For Talk About Your Business Growing Fast !

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