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Software - Advanced LAN Pump - FAQ
1. What languages the Advanced LAN Pump translated in?
  • Albanian (Interface)
  • Bulgarian (Interface)
  • Croatian (Interface)
  • Czech (Interface)
  • Dutch (Interface)
  • English (Interface & Help)
  • French (Interface)
  • German (Interface)
  • Italian (Interface)
  • Polish (Interface)
  • Portuguese (Interface)
  • Russian (Interface & Help)
  • Serbian (Interface)
  • Slovak (Interface)
  • Turkish (Interface)

  • 2. Can the Advanced LAN Pump copy files whose size exceed 4GB?
    Yes, it can. The maximum file size that the Advanced LAN Pump can copy correctly is 2^64 bytes ≈ 16777216 terabytes!

    3. What happens if the user is logged off when the Advanced LAN Pump is
    running on? Will the task/copy still run?
    The Advanced LAN Pump is shuts down by the Windows when user is logged off.
    If you want to continue copying, please use "switch user" instead of "log off". Notice, that "switch user" allowed if you have Windows XP and your computer don't included into Windows NT domain.

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