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Software - Advanced LAN Pump
Click to view an original size Do you often copying large files over LAN? Your LAN connection is not stable? Do you have a wireless network? If so, then the Advanced LAN Pump is what you need.

Advanced LAN Pump protects your downloads against any kind of errors. No matter where they happen: on file server, LAN, or your computer. When the error disappears, Advanced LAN Pump restores copying from the position where an error happened.

"I had a system crash this morning (due to power outage) and i thought...oh nooo.... my downloads are gone! I was surprised, that after a reboot, Advanced LAN Pump started up automatically and continued the download where it stopped!" - Christian Stich, Hewlett-Packard EMEA GmbH

Easy-to-use and powerful Advanced LAN Pump provides flexible copying process management. Every copying file or folder is represented in a form of a task. You can stop, start, restart or delete the task you need. For sequential task execution program provides two special modes: "Global Queue" and "Queue by File Servers". If a source is not available for a long time, you can change a source to another one and continue copying. When all tasks are finished, the Advanced LAN Pump can shut down your computer.

"The Advanced LAN Pump is the best program for file copying on Local Area Network in Microsoft Windows. This is the first program I found, but there was no reason to find others. This program is all I needed and I'm very satisfied with using Advanced LAN Pump." - Adam Poludniak, Katowice, Poland

Here the list of main features:

  • Integration with Explorer context menu
  • Drag&drop files and folders
  • Network bandwidth usage control
  • Task scheduler
  • Ability to shut down computer when all of tasks are finished
  • Sequential task execution
  • Upload/Overwrite/Skip copying file when it already exists in a destination
  • Auto start program on user logon when a task unfinished exists
  • Speed graph
  • Log of copied files
  • Multilingual support

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